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Dacre’s Australia Pest Control is a leading possum control and removal company in Brisbane, providing safe and effective solutions for homeowners and businesses. With years of experience and a team of certified technicians, the company is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and customer satisfaction. As a certified company, Dacre’s Australia Pest Control adheres to strict laws regarding possum removal to ensure our methods are safe and humane. Our techniques are designed to remove possums from your property in a way that is safe for both the possums and the environment.

Dacre’s Australia offers a range of possum control Brisbane services, including possum removal, trapping, and exclusion. our team of experts will inspect your property to determine the best course of action and provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

The company also offers ongoing monitoring and maintenance programs to keep possums from returning to your property. We use eco-friendly products and methods to ensure our services are not harmful to the environment or your family. If you’re looking for a trusted and certified possum control company in Brisbane, look no further than Dacre’s Australia Pest Control. With our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, reliable results, and safe and eco-friendly solutions, we are the best choice for all your possum control needs. Call us 0489908449 today to book our reliable yet affordable POSSUM removal services in Brisbane.

Possum Control Brisbane

Experienced Possum Removal Professionals

With a team of experienced technicians, the company is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer service. The technicians at Dacre’s Australia are highly trained and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to handle even the most challenging possum removal Brisbane situations. Our skilled possum catcher Brisbane professionals are well-adept with the behaviour of possums and have the experience necessary to safely and efficiently remove them from your property.

At Dacre’s Australia Pest Control , we understand the importance of quick and effective action when it comes to reliable possum removal service in Brisbane. That’s why we offer fast response times, 24/7 emergency services, and a commitment to finding the best pest control solution for your specific needs.

We are aware of the fact that possums are protected marsupials in Australia. Therefore, we only use industry-approved and safe possum control methods and products to ensure that the possums are not harmed in any possible. And with our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possum removal services in Brisbane. If you’re looking for experienced possum removal professionals in Brisbane, look no further than Dacre’s Australia. Contact us today to get started.

Types of Possum Species found in Brisbane

Brisbane is home to several different species of possums, including the common brushtail possum, ring-tailed possum, and sugar glider. Each species has its own unique characteristics, habitats, and behaviours. Here are the three different types of possum species are:

  • Common Brushtail Possum

    The common brushtail possum is the most commonly seen possum in Brisbane and is known for its distinctive bushy tail and omnivorous diet.

  • The Ring Tail Possum

    The ring-tailed possum is smaller and primarily feeds on leaves, flowers, and fruits.

  • Sugar Glider Possum

    The sugar glider is a small and agile possum that is capable of gliding through the air, making it a unique species found in Brisbane.

It’s important to note that while possums may be seen as cute, they can cause damage to property and gardens, and their droppings can pose a health risk to humans. If you have a possum problem in your home or property, it’s best to seek the help of a professional possum pest control services right away to avoid serious consequences.

Humane Possum Removal in Brisbane

Possums are protected by law in Australia. According to the Wildlife Act 1975, it is prohibited to catch, trap or eliminate possums from your property without a genuine license.

At Dacre’s Australia, we understand that possums are an important part of our ecosystem, and we are committed to providing humane possum removal services in Brisbane. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to handle possums in a safe and humane manner, ensuring that they are not harmfully affected during the removal process.

Our humane possum removal method involves the use of specialized traps and exclusion devices that are designed to safely capture the possums and release them into their natural habitats. Our techniques are based on best practices in wildlife management and are in accordance with government regulations and industry standards. We believe in working with our customers to find the best solution for their specific needs. Our technicians will inspect your property to determine the best course of action and provide a customized plan to meet your requirements. We can efficiently treat your property and get rid of possums in no time.

If you’re troubled by possums dwelling on your property and are looking for a humane and professional possum removal service in Brisbane, look no further than Dacre’s Australia. Do not let the possums wreak havoc on your premises. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a possum-free home or property.

Possum removal Brisbane

Why Possum Removal is Important?

Possum removal is an important aspect of wildlife management, as possums can cause damage to property and gardens, and their droppings can pose a health risk to humans. Ignoring possum issues can lead to increased damage and health risks over time, making it imperative to address the situation as soon as possible.

By removing possums from your property, you can prevent further damage and ensure the health and safety of you and your family. Professional possum removal services, such as those offered by Dacre’s Australia, can provide effective and humane solutions to keep your home and property free of possums. With access to state-of-the-art technology, we can humanely trap a possum and relocate them to a safe habitat.

Additionally, removing possums in a humane manner helps to maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystem and preserve our wildlife populations. It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced possum removal Brisbane service that uses eco-friendly methods and products to minimize the impact on the environment.

In conclusion, the importance of possum removal cannot be overstated, as it ensures the safety and health of humans, protects property, and helps to maintain the balance of our ecosystem.

Signs of Possum Infestation

Because possums are nocturnal pests and are known for inflicting serious damage to your property and are also a carrier of a wide range of disease-causing pathogens, it is extremely crucial to be aware of the signs of possum activity in your premises to avoid serious problems. Listed below are a few common signs of possum infestation in your house:

  • Scratching, gnawing or chewing sounds in the attic, walls or basement.
  • Damage to insulation, drywall, and electrical wiring.
  • Foul odour caused by droppings, urine and dead opossums.
  • Presence of opossum tracks, droppings or footprints.
  • Presence of nests or dens made of shredded insulation or other materials.
  • Seeing possums entering or leaving the house through holes, gaps or chimneys.

It’s important to take measures to humanely remove possums and deter possums from entering your property zone to prevent further damage to your property and the potential spread of diseases.

Common Places Where Possums Hide in Your Property

possums can hide in a variety of places inside a house, including:

  • Attics: possums often find their way into attics through gaps or holes in the roof or walls
  • Crawl spaces: They can also enter crawl spaces under the house and make a den there.
  • Basements: If there’s access, possums may also hide in basements or under stairwells.
  • Chimneys: They may climb up chimneys and get stuck or make a nest there
  • Sheds or garages: If there’s access, possums may take refuge in these structures as well.
  • Under decks or porches: They may build nests or dens under decks or porches.
  • Roof voids: possums can squeeze through small gaps or holes and get inside the roof voids of a house.

It’s important to identify and seal any entry points to prevent possums from entering and taking refuge in your house.

Why Hire Us?

For more than 25 years, we have been experts in gently evicting possums across Brisbane. The competitive attitude, advanced training and expertise of our professionals are what make us the best in the industry. Dacre’s Australia spare no efforts when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones from these pests. Here are a few reasons to hire us for possum control in Brisbane:

  • Highly skilled and trained technicians
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Eco-friendly and Humane methods
  • Courteous and polite professionals
  • Budget-friendly possum control services
  • Emergency and same-day possum removal
  • Access to advanced tools
  • Free quotations and much more

Call us to book our services today.Don’t allow possums to ruin your property and jeopardise your health. Take action today and call us to book our professional possum control services in Brisbane at affordable rates.