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How We Lead Brisbane's Pest Control Industry

Dacre's Pest Control leads Brisbane's pest industry through decades of experience, innovative techniques, and a customer-focused approach. We offer trusted, safe, and efficient services with a pest-free guarantee. Our custom solutions and quick response time set us apart, making us Brisbane's go-to for all pest control needs.


Dacre’s Pest Control brings decades of experience in pest eradication, honing our expertise to provide the best pest control in Brisbane.


We use cutting-edge pest control methods and technologies, always staying ahead of industry trends.

Safety First

Our methodologies prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and environment. We adhere strictly to all Brisbane and Australian safety guidelines.

Trusted Professionals

Our team comprises licensed, insured, and highly trained pest control professionals. Brisbane residents trust us for efficient, reliable services.

Customer Satisfaction

At Dacre’s Pest Control, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure Brisbane homes and businesses remain pest-free.

Pest-Free Guarantee

Our services come with a pest-free guarantee, making us the leader in eliminating any unwanted guests from your property in Brisbane.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each pest problem is unique. We tailor our pest control solutions to meet your specific needs in Brisbane.

Quick Response Time

Time is of the essence in pest control. Brisbane customers can count on Dacre’s for an immediate response and timely service delivery.

Cost-Effective Pest Control: Pricing and Packages

At Dacre’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of balancing quality service with affordability. We have designed our pricing structure to offer you the most value, ensuring maximum pest control effectiveness without the hefty price tag. Here’s a closer look at our cost-effective pricing and packages:

Rodent Removal: Rodents can cause significant damage to properties if not controlled in time. Our thorough rodent control and removal services are priced at a reasonable $280 with GST. This fee covers an extensive inspection, removal, and prevention strategy to ensure your property stays rodent-free.

Bees and Wasps Removal: Bees and wasps can pose a dangerous threat, especially for those with allergies. We offer nest removal services at only $120 with GST, a small price to pay for the safety and peace of mind it brings.

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Dead Animal Removal: Dealing with a deceased animal is not only distressing but also hazardous. Our professionals can safely remove and dispose of dead animals from your property for just $180 with GST.

Cockroach Control: Cockroaches are resilient pests known for spreading diseases. For $150 with GST, we identify the species, remove existing infestation, and implement prevention strategies to control any future infiltration.

Bed Bug Control: Bed bugs, the infamous sleep disruptors, can be effectively removed and controlled with our services priced at $200 with GST.

Possum Control: Possums may appear harmless but can cause significant damage to properties. Our possum control service, priced at $380, involves ethical removal and relocation strategies.

Our prices are transparent, with no hidden charges. We believe that everyone deserves a pest-free space without breaking the bank. Choose Dacre’s Pest Control for cost-effective solutions in Brisbane.

Effective Solutions for All your Pest Concerns

Got an issue with pests? Dacre’s is here to assist you. Our trained professionals will continue to provide excellent customer service, innovate, and deliver on our promises. Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control is the most reputable Brisbane pest control company. Our experts can help you effectively rid your place of pesky bugs and critters in the most professional manner. Contact us today.

Effective Solutions for All your Pest Concerns

Dacre’s Brisbane: Experienced and Reliable Pest Control Company

Are you troubled with annoying pests dwelling in your premises and looking for a way to effectively eliminate them? Fret no more! Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control has got your back. For over 25 years, Dacre’s has been delivering the highest quality pest management services to both commercial and residential areas across Brisbane and its nearby regions. Dacre’s understands these nuisances are capable of causing a significant amount of property damage and they are also transmitters for a wide range of diseases.

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Our experience in the pest control industry has allowed us to continuously upgrade the skills that are required for effective pest eradication of all kinds of pesky pests from your property in no time. With access to refined technologies and industry-approved solutions, Dacre’s aim is to offer 100% guaranteed outcomes. Brisbane property owners are no longer required to put up with these creepy crawlies as Dacre’s can handle them for you in the most professional way. Call us to know more.

Need Pest Inspection & Sanitisation for your Property?

Regulation sanitisation and pest inspection Brisbane are vital in keeping unpleasant pests and creatures away from your property. A simple pest control solution will not keep pests away for long. With this in mind, our pest control business offers effective pest treatments, as well as the finest pest control Brisbane services. Dacre’s offers timely and thorough pest inspections and sanitisation services to both commercial and residential locations in Brisbane. Give us a call right away for a thorough pest inspection of your Brisbane property.

Need Affordable Pest Control Solutions?

At Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control, we’re excited to offer affordable pest control services all over Brisbane and nearby areas. Our pest experts approach each pest problem with curiosity. Our licensed pest exterminators know that every property is different, so we customize our solutions.

Our main focus is on keeping you, your family, and your pets safe. We’re dedicated to effectively treating your place, not only getting rid of current pests but also making sure they won’t come back

Commercial & Residential Pest Control Across All Suburbs

Our extensive expertise and understanding are unrivalled. In Brisbane, Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control offers high-quality pest inspection and management services for all pest species. To deliver trustworthy Brisbane pest control and preventive programmes, Dacre’s takes a hands-on attitude to pest management, dealing closely with both residential and commercial settings. The pest control team at Dacre’s will keep pesky pests from entering your home or business most effectively.

If you are troubled by pesky critters dwelling in your house or workspace, give us a call today.

Need Pest Control for Your Commercial Facility?

A pest issue in your office or commercial establishment could soon become a serious issue. Pests can not only tarnish your company’s reputation or brand, but they can also endanger customers, employees, and contractors. When it concerns commercial pest control Brisbane services, Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control is well-suited to meet your every need. Because these nuisances are seeking food, shelter, and water, they will search out the trickiest access spots to nest. You can count on us to provide the finest commercial pest control and preventive service for nearly any sort of pest, including roaches, flies, bees, wasps, rodents, pesky birds, and possums.

Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control employs a diverse, inventive, and industry-approved technique to keep unwanted pests away from your commercial property. To book our highly effective commercial pest control service in Brisbane, call u or fill out our online hassle-free form to request a callback.

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Same Day Pest Control Service You Can Trust

Pests are infamous for wreaking havoc and posing health risks. As a result, they must be eliminated from your premises as quickly as feasible. A minor hiccup might result in a massive loss. Dacre’s offers both commercial and residential clients the best Same Day pest control services. To control the infestation, our professionals utilise pesticides and chemicals that are safe, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic. So, when you contact us, you can be confident that your home and dear ones will be entirely safe from pests and toxic chemicals. Our highly trained pest control technicians work diligently to get the outcomes you need.

If you wish to get immediate results and relief from pesky pests, contact Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control today.

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Our One-Stop Pest Control Services

From providing effective ant control solutions to tackling a severe rodent infestation, Dacre’s offers a wide range of services. Our pest control service includes a comprehensive assessment of the infestation, devising a customised treatment plan, eradication of the infestation, sanitation of the infested area and concluding the treatment with a final assessment to ensure 100% guaranteed results. Listed below are a few of our many great pest control services;

Borer Control Brisbane

Borer Control Brisbane

Bedbugs Control Brisbane

Bedbugs Control Brisbane

Bees Control Brisbane

Bees Control Brisbane

Moth Control Brisbane

Moth Control Brisbane

Flea Control Brisbane

Flea Control Brisbane

Silverfish Control Brisbane

Silverfish Control Brisbane

Spider Control Brisbane

Spider Control Brisbane

Wasp Control Brisban

Wasp Control Brisbane, and much more

What Can Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control Provide?

When you hire Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control for your pest control needs in Brisbane, you can expect the following from us:

  • Highly Qualified, Trained and Courteous Professionals
  • Same Day and Emergency Pest Control in Brisbane
  • Fully Insured, Licensed and Certified professionals
  • Eco-Friendly, Safe and Hypoallergenic Solutions
  • Children & Pet-Friendly Solutions
  • Highly Effective and Affordable Solutions
  • Free Quotation on Call
What Can Dacre’s Pest Control Provide

Customised Pest Control Treatment

Dacre’s understands that all pest problems are unique and require unique solutions. When you hire us for effective pest control and pest inspection Brisbane services, our highly qualified professionals will spare no effort in providing you with the most impeccable solution. Our certified pest control specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, and evaluate the intensity of the infestation, the amount of damage inflicted and the kind of pest species infested. Based on the result of the inspections, our experts will devise a customised pest control solution to meet all your requirements.

Premium and Integrated Pest Management Solution

Has your property been infested with annoying critters like bed bugs, rodents, ants, roaches or termites? Then you’ve come to the perfect place! Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control will restore cleanliness and comfort to your commercial or residential environment. Our pest control solutions and management is distinguished by the strategy we use to address infestations and avoid their recurrence. Dacre’s adopts an Integrated Pest Management strategy, as opposed to other pest control companies who spray toxic chemicals around your office or residence, potentially resulting in a polluted atmosphere.

Dacre’s Brisbane: Complete Protection from Pesky Pests

Professionals at Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control take the time to learn about your situation and will guide you through the entire process to provide the best possible outcome. Dacre’s Brisbane is dedicated to keeping pests out of your home, family, and property. As compassionate pest specialists, Dacre’s not only addresses the problem you’ve presented to us but also helps prevent future problems by providing long-term pest management solutions – for total peace of mind. It is vital to recognise that these nuisances not only pose severe health risks to people but could also cause catastrophic structural harm to your home and/or business. As a result, Dacre’s takes the initiative to enlighten you on our techniques and what to expect from our professional pest service.

You can trust that our pest-specific solutions and services are effective. That means they are unlikely to jeopardize you, your children, or your pets. Furthermore, irrespective of the type of infestation, you can rely on our skilled team of in-house professionals to give the greatest level of treatment. You can also book our affordable same-day pest control Brisbane service. Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control will schedule a comfortable time to inspect and/or treat any pest problem as quickly as possible, allowing you to resume your usual life pest-free. Contact us right now for effective and reliable pest control in Brisbane and all its suburbs.

Certified and Licensed Pest Control Professionals

Dacre’s only hire skilled, certified, licensed and competent pest management workers with clean records and a genuine desire to fix your pest problem. Our team is completely committed to fixing your pest issues as soon as possible and working with you to develop a strategy that keeps bugs out of your house permanently.

Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control maintains the highest professional standards while addressing your pest concerns. Dacre’s is the leading pest control service provider in Brisbane. Our Brisbane clients trust us to provide top-notch results. When it comes to treating pest infestations, our certified specialists leave no stone unturned in eradicating the nasty critters from your premises in no time.

Common Pest Problems in Queensland

The most common type of pest problems that property owners in Queensland’s are most likely to come across are:

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are the most common type of pests found in homes and commercial spaces in Queensland. Brown sewer rats and grey/black climbing rats are the two most common species that infest your property. If you suspect a rat/mice infestation on your property, you must take quick action and contact our certified pest technicians to assess your premises and offer you the most effective solutions. Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control employs several techniques to treat the infestation such as baits, traps, and safe rodenticides to entirely rid your place of these nuisances in no time.


Ants are another common type of pest found in Queensland. An ant infestation can be sometimes difficult to deal with by yourself. As certain DIYs might work on a surface level but if the problem is serious, these annoyances might resurface in no time. Our qualified pest control Brisbane specialists use a wide range of solutions including sprays, baits, dust, non-toxic chemicals and other customised treatments to entirely remove the infestation from your place.

Bed Bugs

A bedbug infestation can be extremely annoying and distressing. These critters are tiny and are hard to notice in the beginning. These blood-sucking creatures can bite you and cause irritation, rashes, and hives and even trigger allergies in certain cases. To tackle the infestation, you can use steam. However, if the infestation is serious, you can contact Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control to offer you a comprehensive solution.


Cockroaches can be easily found in your homes or offices. However, if you frequently encounter these critters then there might be a huge possibility that there is an infestation on your premises. These pesky creatures expose you and your dear ones to myriad health hazards. Therefore, it is best to engage in professional services and let skilled pest exterminators take care of the infestation in the most effective manner.


Fleas as a pest can be extremely distressing for your furry friends. These nuisances suck on the blood of your pets, causing them agony and irritation. If you notice your cat or dog constantly itch or licks themselves then you must take a close look and inspect for a flea infestation. Help from skilled pest control specialists can help you rid your place of these nasty critters and protect your pets from all the suffering.

These are a few of the most common types of pest problems found in Queensland. Other than the nuisances, pests like spiders, wasps, bees and termites also wreak havoc in homes and businesses across Queensland. If you are troubled by any of these pests, you can rely on Dacre’s to offer you the most effective and lasting solutions.

Why Choose Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control?

  • Your property is your most prized asset; preserve it! Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control has over 25 years of experience in the field, so you’re in excellent hands.
  • All treatments are performed by licensed pest control technicians. Dacre’s always sticks to industry-approved solutions and uses only the highest-quality products to ensure that your pest situation is completely resolved.
  • Our qualified pest professionals are not only educated to treat pest problems but also to analyse the cause of the problem. They will attentively listen to your concerns and offer suggestions and advice regarding how to keep these nuisances at bay in and around your property.
  • All of our highly trained and experienced specialists take the highest care and will engage with your family to fulfil any demands when performing pest treatment at your house or company.

Contact Us Today for a Pest-Free property!

Don’t let your dear property become a breeding ground for pesky bugs and critters. Reach out to Dacre’s Brisbane Pest Control today and book our economically priced pest control services. You can simply call us or fill out our form to get a free quotation. Call now!!