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Possum Species Commonly Found in Tingalpa

Before we get into the details of the Tingalpa possum removal process, it’s important that we know about the common possum species found in and around Tingalpa so that we can structure an approach that is best suited to the type of possum found on your property. So, let us take a look at the most common possum species found in Tingalpa :

Brushtail Possum

The common brushtail possum is a frequent sighting in the areas near Tingalpa . This species is very adaptable and social, and is found in many habitats, ranging from urban areas to forests and woodlands. Just like most of the other possum species, the brushtail possum is nocturnal and mostly active at night.

Leadbeater’s Possum

The leadbeater’s possum is another species that you may spot near Tingalpa . It’s a small species and is also critically endangered. So, you must be very careful while dealing with these species on your own. This species is grey or brown in colour with stripes on the fur.

Common Ringtail Possum

This species is usually small in size when compared to the brushtail possum, and is famous for its tail which is extremely strong and agile. Their tail is extremely prehensile and they use it to grasp branches to get into your home.

Green Ringtail Possum

The green ringtail possum is also a species that is found in Tingalpa and its nearing areas. As suggested by the name, the green ringtail possum is green in colour. This possum is usually found in Queensland and New Guinea.

Eastern Pygmy Possum

The Eastern Pygmy Possum is a species that is extremely small in size. This species is extremely elusive and hard to catch. The eastern pygmy possum loves to feast on nectar and pollen, so you need to protect your garden from these tiny troublemakers.

Striped Possum

This species has a striped coat like that of a squirrel. It’s a species that likes solitude and is not found in groups. These possums love to build nests on trees. This species is known for the way it extracts insects from tree trunks.

These are the most common possum species found near Tingalpa . Now that you know about the commonly found species in your area, you can tailor your possum removal Tingalpa process in a way that’s best suited to the particular species.

What’s The Difference Between a Rat and a Possum?

Although you may mistake the tiny possum running around in your yard for a rodent, they are not the same creatures. A rat and a possum are very different from each other, and it’s essential for you to know the difference. Here’s how you can differentiate between a rat and a possum:

Signs of a Possum Infestation on Your Property

If you suspect a possum infestation in your home, there are a few clear indications to look for if you want to confirm your suspicions. Let us tell you some of the most clear signs that there’s a possum on your property:

Damage to wiring, roof, or other parts of your home. Possums tend to climb the sides of your home or roof, and they may cause significant damage in the process.

Possums may make shrieking noises. You may also hear scratching noises at night since these are nocturnal animals and are most active at night.

If possums have set up residence in your home, they will soon start to defecate and you may find faeces or urine in your home. The presence of faeces and urine in your home will give off a distinct odour which can be used to track them.

Why Choose Dacre’s Pest Control in Tingalpa ?

Getting rid of a possum on your property can be a daunting task. Obtaining a permit, being careful with the animal, trying to catch a possum on your own- it’s all very tiring. So, why not go for a reliable and expert possum removal Tingalpa service that will help you deal with the problem in the simplest way possible? Here are some compelling reasons why you should go for Dacre’s Pest Control:

Years of Experience

Our team of expert professionals has years of experience in the pest control industry. This makes us adept to deal with the situation in the best way possible.

Humane and Safe

Our possum trapping and releasing methods are humane and safe, ensuring that we do not harm the animal in the process. Not only this, we use methods that are safe for you and your family.

Certified Professionals

Our team of possum removal Tingalpa professionals is certified and licensed, to make sure you don’t have to worry about ethical implications, since it’s illegal to catch possums on your own.

Active Customer Support

Our customer support is extremely active and always eager to help you with all your queries about possum control. We will make sure all your questions are answered at the earliest.

At Dacre’s Pest Control, we aim to provide you with the best possum removal Tingalpa services at the most reasonable rates. Give us a call today and get rid of that bothersome possum for good.

All Kinds of Possum Removal Solutions

At Dacre’s Pest Control, we provide all kinds of possum removal services. Be it removing a live possum that has been a nuisance to you over the past few days or an accidentally deceased possum you need to get rid of, we have got you covered. Here’s the kinds of Tingalpa possum removal services that we offer:

  • Dead Possum Removal: We know that a deceased possum in your home is an unfortunate event that is extremely unpleasant to deal with on your own. This is why we provide dead possum removal services to make sure you never have to deal with this unpleasantry on your own. Give us a call, and leave the dirty work to us. We won’t leave until your home is squeaky clean and possum-free!
  • Backyard Possum Removal: Possums don’t always hide in the most convenient of spots. They can be on your roof, in your attic or even in your backyard. No matter where the possum is hiding, our team of trained professionals will make sure to carefully get rid of the possum. Our backyard possum removal services are like no other!
  • Under the Deck Possum Removal: Under the deck is a common possum hiding spot. Possums are clever creatures, and they know that it won’t be easy for you to catch them in this area. They will set up their cosy residence under your deck before you know it. At Dacre’s Pest Control, if there’s a possum under your deck, we’re here to help. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you get rid of it.
  • Possum Removal from The Roof: If there’s a possum living on your roof and you’ve spotted it, don’t panic. Possums have a tendency to pick your roof for their notorious activities, and you might have been hearing scratching noises at night. If there is a possum on your roof that has been troubling you but you don’t know how to get rid of it, just give us a call, and we will be there in no time!

Where Possums Hide

Possums are small creatures that are wonderful at hiding in spots where you won’t notice them. They are extremely evasive and difficult to catch once they set up residence in your home. Let us look at some of the most common spots where possums hide, so you can spot them easily:

If you find a possum hiding in any of these spots in your home, make sure to call a possum removal Tingalpa professional to help you safely trap and remove the possum from your property.

Our Comprehensive Possum Removal Procedure

At Dacre’s Pest Control, we follow a simple yet effective three-step procedure for possum removal. Let us walk you through our possum removal process so you can understand our methods better:

Thorough Inspection: First, we will do a quick yet comprehensive inspection of your property to look for potential entry points and infestation sites. We will do a thorough visual assessment to make sure to cover all the cracks and crevices. Our property inspection is meticulous and we use the most cutting-edge technology to make sure we don’t leave an inch unchecked.

Possum Removal Procedure: Based on the findings of the inspection, we will create a possum removal plan that is best suited for your needs. We will intimate you about the details of the plan, and once you approve, we will move ahead with the removal procedure. During the procedure, we will use safe and humane traps to carefully catch the possum. In case of a dead possum on your property, we will carefully dispose of the carcass, clean and disinfect the entire affected area thoroughly.

Post-Inspection: Once the possum removal Tingalpa process has been carried out with ease, we will do a follow-up inspection to make sure everything is in place and you are satisfied with our results before we leave. Not only this, we will also pest-proof your house if required and give you tips and tricks so that you can prevent such incidents in the future.

Comprehensive Possum Removal

Our >Tingalpa possum removal process is not just effective, it’s safe, ethical and our possum removal Tingalpa cost is also light on your wallet!

What Makes Possum Removal Important

Even though possums are inherently harmless and do not intend to harm you, they can cause significant damage to your property in a short time. Professional possum removal Tingalpa becomes essential in this case to prevent further damage to your property. Let us take a look at some of the key reasons why possum removal is important:

  • Even though possums are not particularly dangerous, they can cause a lot of damage to your property if not dealt with. They can set up residence in your home which can make it difficult to deal with in the long run. So, they must be removed promptly.
  • Possums are highly unhygienic and carry a lot of harmful disease causing pathogens that can pose serious risks to your health and also the health of your loved ones.
  • Possums have a knack for destroying your vegetable garden. Even though they may be beneficial to your plants in some way since they eat snails and insects it’s not a good idea to let them stay.
  • Children and pets may be at a risk of contracting harmful diseases from possums, so it’s not safe for your family.
Possum Removal

Dead Possum Removal Services

We know that getting rid of a deceased animal is the last thing on your to-do list. SO why not leave it to the experts? Our expert possum removal Tingalpa services will make sure that we get rid of the possum for you, be it alive or dead. Dead possums can be very unpleasant to look at. Not only this, they also carry a multitude of disease causing pathogens and bacteria. This is a situation that must be dealt with extreme care and caution. At Dacre’s Pest Control, we provide the best dead possum removal services in Tingalpa . Our team of adept and skilled experts will get rid of the dead animal and leave you with a clean and fresh home!

Tips and Preventative Measures To Keep Possums at Bay

Effective possum removal Tingalpa does not end at getting rid of the possum from your property. You need to take preventative measures and precautions to keep your home possum-free at all times. Here are some prevention tips and tricks to follow so you can keep those mischievous creatures away from your home:

Close off Entry Points: Make sure to locate all potential entry points and seal them off at the earliest. Possums can enter your home through the tiniest of gaps and openings.

Secure Trash Cans: Waste management is extremely important when it comes to keeping unwanted pests at bay. Leftover food and garbage can act as an attractant for possums so make sure you keep your trash cans secured.

Trim Branches: Trimming overhanging branches is a great way to keep those bothersome possums off your property since possums are great climbers and may use these branches to access your home.

Natural Deterrents: If you prefer natural and safe methods of possum control, you can consider using natural repellents such as quassia chips, garlic spray or peppermint.

Motion-Activated Lights: Possums hate bright light or sudden movements, so consider installing motion activated lights or sprinklers on your property to keep possums at bay.

By following these simple steps, you can prevent possums from entering your property in the first place.

Cost of Possum Removal in Tingalpa

We know that before you jump in and hire a professional service for possum removal, you always want to know the possum removal Tingalpa cost. The total cost of possum removal in Karingal depends on various factors such as the extent of the infestation, how much repair or pest-proofing is required, what the situation is etc. However, to give you an estimate of how much it costs, the entire process will cost you somewhere around $380. Here’s why our services are worth the money we charge you for them:

We will not only remove the possum from your property, we will also pest proof your home and give you tips on how to prevent future infestations.

Once we have captured the possum, we will make sure to safely relocate it in a way that doesn’t cause the animal any harm.

Our processes are safe, humane and ethical.

We will thoroughly pest-proof your home, make sure to seal all entry points so that the possums don’t return.

Our services are thorough and comprehensive, making sure you receive a pest-free home in the long run.

Even though this is the standard possum removal Tingalpa cost, the prices may vary depending upon the exact situation. We recommend that you fill up our online form and request a free quote to get a better idea of the exact cost of our services.

Top-Notch Possum Catchers With a Wildlife Permit

Our team of possum removal experts provides the best possum removal Tingalpa services. Trapping and releasing a possum on your own can be a daunting task. Our pest control experts are licensed and we have a wildlife permit which allows us to catch and release possums with the utmost ease. Here’s why you need to hire us to remove that possum from your property:

  • Possums can cause a lot of damage to your property and health.
  • Possum urine and faeces can stain your beautiful house.
  • Possums are nocturnal, and they will also keep you awake at all hours.
  • They can cause restlessness in your pets, if you have any.
  • They can cause nasty odours and many health hazards.

Possums on your property can pose significant trouble and health risks. So why wait? Give us a call and get rid of that possum today!

Why We Are Your Best Choice For Possum Removal in Tingalpa

Thorough Possum Proofing That Lasts For Years!

At Dacre’s Pest Control, we not only help you get rid of the possum on your property, we also possum-proof your house in a way that ensures you won’t have an unwanted visitor for years to come!

Possum Removal

No Inhumane Traps

We know that even though possums can be a headache sometimes, they do not intend to cause you any harm or trouble. Trapping the possums using harsh traps is not a humane option. We avoid traps as much as possible, making our services safe for you as well as the animal!

Possum Removal

Cost Effective

We know that possum removal can be a rather exorbitant affair, which is why we always make sure to give you a fixed quote before we begin the process. We assure you that our rates won’t exceed the quoted amount!

Possum Removal

Certified and Licensed

Our team of possum removal Tingalpa professionals are certified, licensed and thoroughly trained to make sure you only receive the best possum removal services in Tingalpa .

Possum Removal

Safe and Secure

With years of experience in the possum removal industry, we have safely removed possums from all over Tingalpa . We can assure you that our services are safe for you. You can rely on us to get the job done at all times!


Q. What is possum removal in Tingalpa ?
Ans. Possum removal in Tingalpa is a service provided by pest control professionals to effectively remove possums from residential or commercial premises. This service is essential in places where the possum population is high, causing a nuisance to homeowners and businesses. It involves humanely trapping and relocating the possums to a safer location. Providers of the best possum removal services also assess and seal the potential entry points in a property to avoid future infestations. Term possum removal Tingalpa is also referring to all these services.

Q. How do I know if I need a possum removal service in Tingalpa ?
Ans. If you notice signs such as scratching or scurrying noises on your roof, particularly at night, you might have a possum problem. Note that the roof is a common entry point for these pests. Other indicators include distinct possum droppings, a strong smell marking their presence, or visible signs of destruction made by the pests. In such a case, you should contact a professional possum control Tingalpa service for pompt inspection.

Q. What is the possum removal process?
Ans. The possum removal process begins with a professional possum inspecting your property for possum infestation. They assess the extent of the problem and identify their entry point(s). Traps are then set up to catch the possums in a humane way. Once caught, the possums are relocated as per local wildlife regulations. The next step in the possum removal and proofing process involves sealing all entry points and making your property possum-proof so that no new possums can get in.

Q. Why is it important to hire a professional possum removal service?
Ans. Professional possum removal services have the necessary training and equipment to safely and humanely deal with possums. Trying to remove possums on your own may lead to injury or unnecessary harm to the animals. Professionals also know how to effectively possum proof your property to prevent reinfestation. Therefore, for the best possum removal service, it is recommended to contact experts.

Q. Is possum removal a humane process?
Ans. Yes, the process of possum removal is designed to be humane. Good service providers, like the ones offering humane possum removal Tingalpa services, will use traps that do not harm or distress the possum. After the removal, possums are typically relocated to suitable habitats as per local wildlife guidelines, ensuring their wellbeing.

Q. Why Should I hire a professional possum catcher instead of doing it myself?
Ans. A professional possum removal expert is trained and licensed to handle and relocate possums safely and humanely. They understand the behavior of these creatures and know the best methods to capture and remove them. Furthermore, they are also knowledgeable on possum proofing your property to prevent future invasions.

Q. Why might I need a dead possum removal service?
Ans. Dealing with a dead possum is not simply a matter of disposing it. Dead possums can attract other pests, and they can pose significant health risks due to the diseases they carry. A professional service specializing in dead possum removal has the necessary protective equipment and knowledge to dispose safely and sanitize the area.

Q. How much does possum removal cost?
Ans. The possum removal cost varies based on the complexity of the job and the number of possums present on your property. We recommend contacting us to get a detailed estimate.

Q. What is possum proofing and why is it important?
Ans. Possum proofing involves making modifications to your property to deter possums or make it less attractive for them. This can include securing potential entry points, inspecting and reinforcing your roof, and removing food sources. It is a proactive step in pest control and to prevent future possum infestation.